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Welsh Ash Information

These beautiful boards and items made from Welsh Ash timber are handcrafted so each piece will be unique.  The timber is 100%  eco-friendly as it is sourced from 'Windfall' and is collected only from already 'fallen' Welsh Ash trees.  Each item is personalised for you with great care to give you a beautifully unique gift for many different occasions.

Wooden chopping boards are a great item to have in the home.  Wood naturally inhibits bacterial growth and it is kind to your knives unlike tempered glass and plastic which can blunt your knives quickly, wood boards can also be re-finished over time. 

As the boards are a natural wood product the personalisation may appear slightly darker or lighter in places, this is due to the grain and differing thickness of the wood pulp. 

To care for your Welsh Ash Board:-

Properly cared for your Welsh Ash board will last for many years!  Wipe clean with a cloth with mild detergent and warm water, dry naturally standing upright (I usually give mine a wipe with a teacloth to get off surface water first), if standing upright in a dish drainer please ensure that the bottom of the board is not standing in water (even a little bit!).  Do not soak the board or put it in a dishwasher as this will cause the wood to split and the bark to peel off, and store the board away from any heat sources, heat will cause it to warp.