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Personalised Keyring - Star Sign

Personalised Keyring - Star Sign
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Brand:  Cherished

This hand made personalised polished stainless steel keyring is a unique, and practical, gift to give a relative or friend, suitable for Birthdays, Christmas, or Father's/Mother's Day

Choose the star sign required and put a small message in the text box which we will have put onto the back of the keyring. On the front underneath the star sign will be a short list of traits and characteristics relevant to that particular star sign!

Handmade in the United Kingdom this lovely keyring will be personalised for you and supplied in a natural cotton bag ready to give as a gift! A perfect memento to give your father on your big day.

Please note the keyring is not factory made, each keyring is unique and entirely handmade. Minor blemishes may show on the surface of the metals which is entirely normal and we feel it adds to the charm of the product. A full list of each signs' traits and characteristica is shown below.

Size: 3.5cm x 0.4cm

Scorpio: Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful, Mysterious, Observant, Dynamic, Strong, Jealous, Powerful, In control, Independent And Ambitious

Cancer: Emotional, Loving, Intuitive, Imaginative, Shrewd, Cautious, Calm, Protective, Unpredictable, Mysterious, Adaptive, And Loyal

Pisces: Imaginative, Sensitive, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Sympathetic, Idealist, Secretive, Adaptable, Easily Led, Indecisive And Devoted

Aries: Adventurous, Energetic, Pioneering, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Confident, Dynamic, Quick Witted, Impulsive, Daredevil, Impatient And Generous

Taurus: Patient, Reliable, Warmhearted, Sensitive, Persistent, Determined, Placid, Possessive, Self-indulgent, Patient, Stubborn, And Loving

Gemini: Adaptable, Versatile, Witty, Communicative, Intellectual, Eloquent, Youthful, Lively, Tense, Cunning, Restless, Impulsive And Devious

Leo: Generous, Creative, Warmhearted, Enthusiastic, Broad-minded, Faithful, Expansive, Bossy, Dogmatic, Confident, Ambitious, Vain, And Loyal

Virgo: Modest, Meticulous, Shy, Reliable, Practical Diligent, Intelligent, Analytical, Fussy, Perfectionist, Harsh, Conservative And Helpful

Libra: Diplomatic, Romantic, Charming, Easygoing, Sociable, Peaceful, Idealistic, Changeable, Gullible, Flirtatious, Influenced, Vain, And Hospitable

Sagittarius: Optimistic, Jovial, Exciting, Good-humoured, Philosophical, Intellectual, Careless, Restless, Independent, Craves Adventure And Vibrant

Capricorn: Practical, Disciplined, Patient, Careful, Reserved, Prudent, Humorous, Responsible, Loyal, Resourceful, Inhibited, Excellent Organiser, Caring

Aquarius: Friendly, Humanitarian, Honest, Loyal, Clever, Inventive, Sympathetic, Selfless, Witty, Secretive, Easily Led, Compassionate, And Original

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Under the UK Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) and the EU CRD personalised items are non-returnable. If a mistake has been made on our part in the personalisation of an item, or the item is not fit for purpose, a replacement will be sent out at no extra cost. If a mistake has been made by you in the personalisation message then you will be charged for a replacement. Orders for personalised items cannot be cancelled once the order has been confirmed by e-mail.

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